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Take Advantage of Real Time Data Collection Via Digital Surveys. Contribute a Little in Saving Our Mother Nature. And See Your Business Bloom with Real Time Reports and Unlimited Data.

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Benefits of Using Digital Surveys


Improve your business, services and customer experience by collecting feedback from your audience at an unprecedented level that is impossible to gather on paper.


Gather data about people who visit your website or store such as their contact details. Turn that data into leads. Unlike paper, digital surveys organize the data and make it useful for you.


Gather unlimited data online or offline that’s easy to utilize and is always available. Research your market and take benefit of the knowledge you get while doing a favor to Earth’s environ.


Contribute a little and make Earth greener than ever. Go digital to save papers and little by little, lower the demand of deforestation.

Start Turning Customers into Supporters

Build a list of supporters by using a simple Digital pledge tool that allows you to quickly get people to virtually add their names to your pledge form to show their support to your campaign.

Go Digital with a simple All in one Digital Solution

Includes a digital pledge tool that allows you to launch an excellent campaign for your cause with an unlimited range of features, all in one singular solution. Motivate people to take action and collect real-time data and insights instantly!

Types of Digital Surveys

Regular Survey

The regular feedback digital surveys are the ideal solution for collecting feedback from large/mass audiences that wouldn’t have been physically viable. Also, you will get the data and results in real-time and in the online medium enabling you to further plan your business strategies and initiatives accordingly.

Exit Survey

These are those surveys that pop up on your screen once you are about to leave a website. Via this survey, you could either take their contact details, their preferences with reference to your products and services, or even request for the user's suggestions.

Feedback Survey

This kind of survey is similar to the live chat option which is visible or pops up at the bottom right corner of the screen when we are browsing through the websites. Gather data about people who visit your website and turn that data into leads.

Pledge Form

The new addition to our digital survey family, the Pledge Form is unique and helps drive and motivate the users. In addition to offering the features of a feedback form, a digital and downloadable certificate is provided to the users. Created within seconds, they are the perfect example of how technology has helped us and changed our lives for the better.


A little step towards change is where a sustainable future resides. For being part of the positive changes, certains planned moves need to be taken and signing a petition is one such important step to get your concern acknowledged. It allows you to launch a petition for your cause and gather people around building a community which can be managed from this same end.

Features of Our Digital Survey Platform


Gather data like never before. Make your survey better than ever. Add questions or remove them depending on your previous data - making data collection more effective than ever.


Create surveys that resemble your brand identity. Customize them by choosing screen layout, colors, background images and more to make it a part of your business.


Get real-time updates as soon as someone responses to the survey. The surveys are then collected in charts, and in a variety of analytical formats for you to analyze the data.

Free Downloadable Auto
Generated Certificate

Added certificate to motivate your customers after pledging. Also serves as a useful tool to build a list of more people beyond your circle of influence as supporters share them with their friends.


Monitor data of specific surveys by downloading it in CSV or other EXCEL formats.